They used to call me the “Oriental Casino Whore”

About Jyuu Sei

First of all, it is true that I am an oriental guy. I came from the East and my looks say it all – chinky-eyed, short, medium build, BUT I am a very rich guy. Casino whoring (scouting online casinos for bonuses offered) used to be my game, but I have upped it ever since.

Back when I was in college, I received hundreds of email notifications from different online casinos in a month. From one offer to another – yep, that’s what these guys do. They outdo each other by offering better deals, higher bonuses and bigger start-up money to entice you  to play in their casino. My friends and I eventually discovered that we can make money with all these bonuses that they offer. So started my casino whoring life.

That was several years back.

I am no longer a casino whore. I am a professional gambler who spends a lot of time in the casino – online and offline. Gambling is my game. Unlike others who gamble until the last drop of their money, I don’t.

Although it is true that gambling is a game of chance (with lady luck playing an important role), gambling also requires that you are smart to know everything there is to know about the game you play. Most importantly, you are wise to know when to stop.

I have learned almost all the tricks of gambling all these years – and still learning new stuff along the way. I started this blog so that I can share with you everything I know.

Stuff like how to:

  • Know the different casino games – rules and secrets to winning
  • Choose reliable online casinos and how to play “safely”
  • Learn the common do’s and don’t’s when gambling in real or online casinos
  • Grab bonuses and increase your chances of winning
  • Protect your sensitive and important credit card details
  • Stay away from scam

Most of all, HOW TO WIN LOTS OF MONEY!!!

Excited? I bet you are. Well, what are you waiting folks? Learn from the expert and win!

  My name is Jyuu Sei, and I welcome you to my site.

about jyuu sei