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First of all, it is true that I am an oriental guy. I came from the East and my looks say it all – chinky-eyed, short, medium build, BUT I am a very rich guy. Casino whoring (scouting online casinos for bonuses offered) used to be my game, but I have upped it ever since.

Back when I was in college, I received hundreds of email notifications from different online casinos in a month. From one offer to another – yep, that’s what these guys do. They outdo each other by offering better deals, higher bonuses and bigger start-up money to entice you  to play in their casino. My friends and I eventually discovered that we can make money with all these bonuses that they offer. So started my casino whoring life.

That was several years back.

I am no longer a casino whore. I am a professional gambler who spends a lot of time in the casino – online and offline. Gambling is my game. Unlike others who gamble until the last drop of their money, I don’t.

Although it is true that gambling is a game of chance (with lady luck playing an important role), gambling also requires that you are smart to know everything there is to know about the game you play. Most importantly, you are wise to know when to stop.

I have learned almost all the tricks of gambling all these years – and still learning new stuff along the way. I started this blog so that I can share with you everything I know.

Stuff like how to:

  • Know the different casino games – rules and secrets to winning
  • Choose reliable online casinos and how to play “safely”
  • Learn the common do’s and don’t’s when gambling in real or online casinos
  • Grab bonuses and increase your chances of winning
  • Protect your sensitive and important credit card details
  • Stay away from scam

Most of all, HOW TO WIN LOTS OF MONEY!!!

Excited? I bet you are. Well, what are you waiting folks? Learn from the expert and win!

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Professional Tennis Star Serena Williams Pregnant with Her First Child

Serena Williams has captured the hearts of many at the age of 17 when she won her first grand slam title at the 1999 US Open. Many speculated that Serena Williams is pregnant when she accidentally posted a selfie on Snapchat while on a vacation. The post was immediately removed but the speculations were confirmed when she admitted her pregnancy in an interview.

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian, the father of her first unborn baby, officially announced their engagement on December 29, 2016. The couple met at a lunch way back in October of 2015.

Everyone finally got a glimpse of her massive diamond engagement ring in her Reddit post a week after their engagement.

The tennis star said she took weekly photos of her growing baby bump to track the progression of her pregnancy, but never intended to post it on social media.

She found out about her pregnancy two weeks before the 2017 Australian Open but that didn’t hinder her from winning the 23rd Grand Slam singles title.

The athlete was two months pregnant when she won victory against her sister Venus Williams during the 2017 Australian Open.

She posted a photo of her cute baby bump on her Instagram account with a heart-warming message for her unborn child.

The 35-year old tennis pro proudly showed off her growing baby bump for the first time at Met Gala. She was accompanied by her husband to be, Alexis Ohanian.

The couple said they don’t know the gender of their baby yet and that they want it to be a surprise.

Being pregnant is not an excuse for Serena to be present at Fashion Shows. A day after the Met Gala, she attended the launch of Burberry’s DK88 handbag in New York.

Serena is planning to come back to playing tennis after her maternity leave and is looking forward to see her baby in the stands cheering for her.

Taylor Swift’s Wardrobe Malfunction Moments are Too Rare, but Always Talked About

Taylor Swift projects a clean and sweet girl image. She is also very careful when it comes to her fashion choices. This is why a Taylor Swift wardrobe malfunction moment is quite rare. She might have suffered from some issues on stage, but she hasn’t revealed anything major yet unlike other pop artists. She remains the sweet girl we all come to love even if she has gone more daring with her fashion choices recently.

While performing on stage, the fans blew heavily on her skirt that it totally exposed her undergarments. She was totally struggling to keep it together at that moment.

She might look hot in this dress, but in the eyes of fashion police, it was a fail. She had a barely noticeable wardrobe malfunction, which eventually became a big deal.

Wind is obviously not Taylor’s friend. Each time she wears a Marilyn Monroe-esque dress, she ends up struggling to stop the wind from exposing her.

During the iheart radio music awards, Taylor wore a lovely red dress. It seemed really safe up until a part of her breast was showing from behind as it seemed to be ill-fitted.

Taylor usually projects a very wholesome image. Hence, when she suffers from a wardrobe malfunction and people get a glimpse of her covered body, it becomes a big deal.

Unlike other artists, Taylor is usually careful with her choices of clothes in events and on stage performances. She tried to avoid having wardrobe issues as much as possible.

Despite wearing a super short cocktail dress, Taylor managed to look classy. She was also very mindful of her movements.

This was not a wardrobe malfunction, but more of a “Bitch, stole my look” moment. She wore the same outfit as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley during the American Music Awards.

Taylor Swift is rarely seen in super daring dresses. Hence, she is one of the least likely artists to suffer from wardrobe malfunction.

In recent years, she tried rocking sexier outfits, but they were generally more conservative than the other pop artists of her generation.

Echidna facts – Information for kids

Echidna may sometimes appear like a spiny anteater. Its name is always being pronounced as e-kid-nuh. This has the measurement of 30 to 45 cm. it may be as long like that. It may also be as heavy as 2 to 5 kg being the maximum. Upon first look, it may have the appearance of a porcupine, if you have ever seen one. There are times when it may also resemble that of a hedgehog. If you are going to closely inspection it though, you will discover that the animal also comes with its common traits. These are just among the Echidna facts that you have to learn. There are still more.

mammals_echidna-1030x685.jpg (1030×685)

What are echidnas?

Echidnas have this ability to lay eggs. They are the same with mammals indeed because they just monotremes in nature. As for their body, this may have a low body temperature as compared to other mammals. This is effective in keeping its temperature. This may range from around 31 to even 32 being the maximum. Since they are somehow like that of reptiles, the legs may also be protruding outwards or even downwards if they would prefer to. This is the reason why it has this waddling effect on it. This is observed whenever they walk.

There are two kinds of fur which are responsible in covering their body. There is this coat, this is a coarse hair that would somehow insulate from the cold. The longer hairs on the other hand would always act as that of spines. This is why they have the ability to protect themselves just in case predators finally decide to attack.  The spines are not how they look like though. They can be sharp. They are just creamy colored but they can do so much better. They may even reach up until 50 mm. This is 2 inches if converted. The mentioned is made up of keratin. This is the synonymous material which is seen in the fingernails of humans.

What do they eat anyway? They can consume termites, grubs, ants, worms and even that of larvae. Apart from this, the echidna is really well-adapted when it comes to the hunting of their prey. This is undertaken with the presence of its pointy snout. This has the chance to snout and it has this keen way of knowing if a prey is visible around the area or not. This is most probably the reason why they do not find it hard to catch predators whenever there is a need to do so. The detection of prey may also be quite easy for them. With the utilization of their sharp and long claws, digging to the soil is a piece of cake to have invertebrates exposed. They will most likely finish their deed by licking. They do this with their sticky tongue. It may be surprising to know that echidnas do not have their own teeth. They do not own any. However, they come with their horny pads to compensate that. This is why they can grind the prey with ease.

The Brazosport Facts – How it started?

Considered as the largest newspaper in Brazoria County, Texas, the Brazosport Facts definitely play in important role in the everyday life of people from Brazoria. This is true most especially from those residing near the Greater Houston area. The said publication started from the year 1913. It was then owned and managed by the Southern Newspapers Inc. Up until now, it is still being patronized from the people of the place for the simple reason that it is the reflection of their society. This daily newspaper is being read in broadsheet format. Bill Cornwell served as both the publisher and the editor. The managing editor is Yvonne Mintz.

Where it all started

The newspaper’s first trace of existence trailed back to the initiation of Roy Ruffin who was a printer that time. It was originally referred to as the Freeport Facts months. This was undertaken right after that founding of Freeport, Texas in 1912. This was handled by Freeport Sulphur Company during those times. After a year, C.P Kendall decided for the paper to be acquired. He was also responsible in owning the newspapers located in Angleton Times which was situated in the Port Aransas. This was also Angleton.

tutors-in-texas.png (2740×900)

The facts were then destroyed because of a Freeport hurricane which took place in the year 1932. This was even responsible in killing 40 people right then and there. After that, newspapers for separate area were established. These were the Velasco World, the Brazoria County Review and as well as the West Columbia Light. These were all acquired, even if separated, by a businessman in the name of W.D Johnston. In the year 1949 though, the combination of the said papers was done and it resulted to the Daily Review. This was another which gained popularity as well.

The Daily Review took the interest of the Southern Newspapers Inc. In the year 1951, it was bought by the Southern Newspapers Inc. A year after that, Freeport facts was also purchased. The acquisitions and owning were then merged into one. This resulted to the so called the Daily Facts-Review. But then, after that, the Southern Newspapers had to change the name. They were then able to derive the name the Brazosport Facts. After a while, it turned out to be the largest daily newspaper ever found in that area. This started it all.

As for the headquarters of the said newspapers, a couple of changes had been observed through the years. For instance, in the year 1976, it was moved to Clute, Texas coming from the Freeport itself. Today, it is still there. As a matter of fact, it was even able to absorb one newspaper – the Angleton Times. This happened way back 2004. The second office of it was opened in the same building as well.

Consolidation took place already. This held the Velasco town responsible. This started in 1957. Even the Brazosport College was supported by the same newspaper. The center of it was directed to the Arts and Sciences of the college.

Alternative Medicine for Allergies and Asthma

Alternative Medicine is the practice of medicine without the use of drugs or conventional medicine. It focuses on holistic and natural aspects rather than evidence-based medicine. Here are some suggestions for alternative allergy remedies.

Yoga – Cures for Allergies and Asthma

Yoga is derived from the Ayurvedic system of medicine that has been used for over five thousand years in India. It emphasizes treatment of the whole body rather than the symptoms.

yoga-saves-mans-life.jpg (1000×636)

According to Dr Earl Mindell, author of Allergy Bible, the practice of yoga typically consists of three components. Firstly, postures or asanas that promote strength, flexibility, and stamina. Secondly, breathing exercises called pranayama that strengthen lung function and promote relaxation. And thirdly, meditation which helps to relieve stress, clear the mind, and achieve the spiritual goals.

Many studies suggest yoga works for asthma. According to a study conducted at the University of Colorado, an allergist studied seventeen adults with asthma — half the group did yoga, while the other half did not. The result was that the patients who did the yoga became less likely to use their inhalers than the other group.

Breathing Therapy as a Seasonal Allergy Treatment

In the 1940s, Russian physiologist Konstantin Pavolovich Buteyko started researching the possibility that hyperventilation or breathing too deeply was the underlying cause of numerous chronic health problems such as ashma. He developed the Buteyko Breathing Technique (BBT) that retains the body to adopt a shallower breathing pattern that prevents the exhalation of excess carbon dioxide. This technique is commonly practiced in Europe.

Treatment for Allergies with Homeopathy

Founded by German physician Samuel Hahnemann two hundred years ago, homeopathy uses the “Law of Similars,” which means a homeopathic preparation for allergy would not be an antihistamine that blocks allergic symptoms but pollen or another plant part could cure the problem in very low homeopathic doses – just like how a vaccine works. In homeopathy, any plant, mineral or animal substance can be used as a remedy.

Alternative Medicine Treatment – Hypnotherapy

In hypnotherapy, a practitioner guides a patient into a meditative state. According to Dr Mindell, a couple of studies found that patients can desensitize their allergic response to a substance when they are under hypnosis. For example, when an allergen is injected into both arms, and the patient is told that only one arm will have an allergic reaction, the designated allergic arm typically shows a much greater allergic response later than the other arm. Hypnotherapy is often used for a wide range of conditions such as anxiety, stress-related illness, pain management and personal development.

It is increasingly common for hay fever or allergy suffers to rely on alternative medicine to reduce symptoms. When pursuing any of these alternative treatments, make sure to understand the practice well and find the experienced and well-trained practitioner.

10 CHEAP Sporty Looking Cars You Must Consider

Having a car has become a necessity for people from all walks of life. Choosing to buy a car will depend on the necessity, the looks and of course, the price. Most of the time, the price and the capacity to pay for the car will override the choice you like. The good news is you can now buy your choice of sporty looking cars at an affordable price.

Check Out Our List Of Sporty Looking Cars:

10. Nissan 370Z (2012) – Price: $31,959

Nissan 370Z

It does look like a Porsche. But this sporty looking car is actually a Nissan 370Z. It’s Porsche-like exterior, along with its powerful engine and luxurious refinement, makes it our best choice. Nissan 370Z is the 6th generation of its Z-car lines next to 350Z.

9. Mitsubishi Eclipse (2012) – Price: $25,232

Mitsubishi Eclipse

This is one of those cheap sports cars that comes with a three-option 6-cylinder engine. It may not be as powerful and performed-base as compared to its contenders, however, this will not be a disappointing choice for those who are more exuberant with its aesthetic look other than its engine capacity.

8. Volkswagen GTI (2012) – Price: $25,232

Volkswagen GTI

This is a version of the Volkswagen Golf that is sport-tuned type. It may not be the most nimble sports car, but it is the best-rounded. It features a fashionable and spacious interior, highly regarded performance, thus, providing a combination of both a comfort and athletic drive.

7. Dodge Challenger (2012) – Price: $24,310

Dodge Challenger

This car is the perfect fit for people looking for a spacious interior. It is also a good regular family car. This is one ride that can cater 5 passengers. The Dodge challenger a good choice of a muscle car for your good-old-fashioned taste.

6. Chevrolet Camaro (2012) – Price: $24,156

Chevrolet Camaro

This is one classic-American muscle car that’s capable of bringing big woos for people who demonstrate the need for two things: speed and affordability. It’s got a V6 engine that has the capacity of giving a power boost to its whole engine – giving you one hell of a ride. This muscle car has outranked its rival, Ford Mustang, in terms of sales.

5. Ford Mustang (2012) – Price: $23,105

Ford Mustang

Anther sporty looking car in the list is the Ford Mustang. This car appeals much to a huge crowd of sports car fanatics. Its fantastic classic look is the reason why it is the choice of car enthusiasts, as well as, housewives and students. In 2012, its high performance engine was revived for further improvement.

4. Mazda MX-5 Miata (2012) – $23,079

Mazda MX-5 Miata

The Mazda Miata is a sporty looking car that has successfully built a 20-year reputation in terms of branding. It is capable of giving a satisfying open-air performance without the need for a huge engine pack. It only four-cylinder engine offers a 167-HP/2.0-Liter.

3. Hyundai Genesis Coupe (2012) – Price: $22,687

Hyundai Genesis Coupe

This is Hyundai’s sportiest model. Its value certainly meets its performance. It comes in a sleek and modern design which most sports car enthusiasts love.

2. Mini Cooper Hardtop (2012) – Price: $22,024

Mini Cooper Hardtop

Both men and women like this muscle car. From its diverse style and character, this sports car exhibits a fun-to-drive and fuel-efficient features. Mini Cooper Hardtop is well-equipped with a 121-HP/1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine.

1. Hyundai Veloster (2012) – Price: $18,183

Hyundai Veloster

What made this sports car on top of our list? Well, this is the only muscle car that has a 7” wide touch screen standard included in your purchase. It offers the same dual clutch transmission that only high-end European machines offer. This ride also has a three door design that makes an easy access for its passengers.

Getting sporty looking cars that you want isn’t really hard if you know where to get them at the right deal. Take the time to search for great offers that would lead you to having your dream car.

How To Deposit Real Money In Poker Stars

Do you want to know how to deposit real money in Poker Stars?

PokerStars is a very popular online gaming site on the internet today.  Considered as the “Rock Star” of online gaming with its registered players now closely reaching 50 million, PokerStars continuously dominate the arena with its wide variety of poker games available where the real money is at stake.

If you happen to be a newcomer in Poker Stars, or perhaps in online poker games, the instructions below will greatly help you understand how to make real money deposit and cash out.

At PokerStars, the actual fun and challenge starts when you start winning real money. To deposit, one must just follow this 3 simple steps. However, you have to do this with great care and caution because the method involves money on your end:

  • Download the PokerStars Software:

Type http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/download then follow the installation instructions. Once the software is downloaded, you will be prompted to create your free account. When done, you are now ready to play.  Poker Stars is available for all platforms such as PC, Mac, iOS or Andriod.

 PokerStars Software

  • Look for the Cashier Button:  Once you are logged in, you will find the ‘Cashier” button at the bottom right portion of your game lobby.  The PokerStar cashier is similar to the cashier booths in real casinos where you can buy chips or collect winnings. After clicking the Cashier button, please select “Buy Chips”.

 Cashier Button

  • Select your Funding Options: In the “Deposits Option” page, Poker Stars will present to you all available options for you to deposit real money. Detailed on how to fund based on the options will appear when you click any of the funding logo options. Please see image below:

 PokerStars Funding Options

      • Instant Echecks:  The Echeck option is secured and is widely used in many online business transactions.  To use this option, you must have a blank check under your account. You need to provide the bank and routing number found in the check.
      • Credit Cards: Credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard is also an option with a $600 deposit limit per day.  Gift Cards or Debit Cards are also acceptable.

As in any other online games, playing poker at Poker Stars is a pleasurable and exciting experience. PokerStars promotes a positive, enjoyable experience. However, it is always important that, you as a player follow these golden rules of gaming:

  • Learn the basics
  • Know when to stop
  • Set your limits
  • Do not be greedy

Are you ready to play? Make a Poker Star real money deposit now. 

What Is The Vegas Gambling Age?

Las Vegas is the United States’ gambling and entertainment capital.  It hosts more than 120 hotels and casinos like the Bellagio and Luxor that people from all over the world go to.  But before thinking of dropping by Vegas, there are a few things you should know.  One of them is the difference between legal age and the Vegas gambling age.

Vegas Gambling

You are officially considered an adult by the time you reach 18 years old.  By this time, most people expect that you move out of your parent’s house, get a job and pretty much do and decide everything on your own.  However there are things that you’re still off limits to even after you turn 18.  In Las Vegas, one of them is gambling.

Gambling Age in Vegas

The official Vegas gambling age is 21 years old.  All gambling patrons are required to present an official ID stating their age before claiming any winnings.  Any patron found to be under 21 years old will not only have their winnings forfeit before being thrown out of the casino, they could also end up being blacklisted, fined or even arrested.  That includes gambling minors who played even under a 21 year old guardian’s supervision.

The gambling age is a rule strictly followed in all casinos in Las Vegas.  In fact, casinos are so strict about this that guests under 21 years old are strongly discouraged from loitering or even passing by the casino areas, even if the minors are just babies in their strollers.  If the minors will really need to pass by the gambling area to reach the other establishments, casinos usually have a designated area for this purpose like an uncarpeted area or along the outer walls.

While the Entertainment Capital of the World is quite the place to be, the Vegas gambling age is a rule that is seriously observed there.  Again, the gambling age (and additionally, drinking age) for Las Vegas is 21 years old.  While there have been talks about decreasing that age mark to 18, until it becomes official, save yourselves and the casinos both time and grief by following this rule by the letter.

Casino Dealer Salary And Career Outlook Report

Casino dealers are responsible for understanding the rules and premises of different games in the casino where they are individually assigned. They deal with the cards, dice, as well, as operating the game apparatus that is intended for casino play like roulette and baccarat wheel. Their duty does not merely focus on dealing cards and dices but they are also making sure that players are not cheating. Their job may look easy but how much is a casino dealer salary? Read on and get to know the real deal about casino dealers.

casino dealer salary

Duties and Responsibilities

Casino dealers have individual duties and responsibilities depending on the type of game they are handling.

  • For blackjack dealers

This dealer is responsible for shuffling and dealing with cards. They are also in-charge of explaining how the game is played so that players will understand the rules of the game. Their other duty is to convert cash into chips, collecting lost bets and pay off the winner of the round. The dealer is also responsible whether a new deck of cards must be brought into the game table or cards should be reshuffled again. A blackjack dealer must be a good communicator to the players so that they will have a good time playing cards.

  • For baccarat dealers

Baccarat dealers are similar to barkers because they need to know the requirements of every position. In fact, you can find 4 dealers in a baccarat table. One dealer supervises the game; the other dealer mediates the game while the other 2 manage the winning and losing bets.

  • For crap dealers

Crap dealer is the most difficult job among the other casino dealer. A dealer who supervises this game must have advanced skills in math and has the ability to think quickly. Crap game requires 4 casino dealers as well, wherein one supervises the game in action, 2 dealers work in the public including cash to chip conversion and stake computation while the other dealer mediates the game in action.

How much do they earn?

Casino dealers work in a palace of fortune where every player is hoping to go home with winnings. That is why many people think that casino careers are one of the most luxurious jobs to obtain because they are dealing with money. Casino dealers can work any time of the day. They can work during the day or night or weekends and holidays, depending on their availability to work.

The average salary of a casino dealer is $17,030 per year if he works full-time. This can range into $14,660 to $31,960 not to mention the tips from the players. For part-time casino dealers, their average salary is $8.19 per hour. It can reach up to $15.37 per hour. This figure was based from the reports of Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2009. A casino dealer earns the least if you compare it to other casino workers.

casino dealer salary


Casino dealers have the biggest population in the entire casino industry. That is why they only earn minimal because of stiff competition. If you compare casino dealers with other casino workers, the gaming managers earned the most, followed by the supervisors, slot key persons, sports book runners then last are the casino dealers. However, the advantage of being a casino dealer would be the tips given to him during special events, and if there are special guests playing at his table.

Career outlook

Casino dealers are also stable earners especially if they work full-time. If they know how to deal with their patrons, they can earn more than what they want and live comfortably. Their career is also a stepping stone if they have dreams of putting up their own small scale casino business since they know all the game rules, as well as, the operation on how a casino works.

Why should you consider this job?

There are many reasons why most people consider a casino dealer job although a casino dealer salary is quite low when compared to other casino workers. First, it does not require a certificate or a degree when applying to be a casino dealer. Second, the benefits are also high especially if you work for large corporations. Third, working as a casino dealer can be fun.

If you are looking for a job at the moment, and you have the skills and interest to work in a casino – why not be a casino dealer today?