Taylor Swift’s Wardrobe Malfunction Moments are Too Rare, but Always Talked About

Taylor Swift projects a clean and sweet girl image. She is also very careful when it comes to her fashion choices. This is why a Taylor Swift wardrobe malfunction moment is quite rare. She might have suffered from some issues on stage, but she hasn’t revealed anything major yet unlike other pop artists. She remains the sweet girl we all come to love even if she has gone more daring with her fashion choices recently.

While performing on stage, the fans blew heavily on her skirt that it totally exposed her undergarments. She was totally struggling to keep it together at that moment.

She might look hot in this dress, but in the eyes of fashion police, it was a fail. She had a barely noticeable wardrobe malfunction, which eventually became a big deal.

Wind is obviously not Taylor’s friend. Each time she wears a Marilyn Monroe-esque dress, she ends up struggling to stop the wind from exposing her.

During the iheart radio music awards, Taylor wore a lovely red dress. It seemed really safe up until a part of her breast was showing from behind as it seemed to be ill-fitted.

Taylor usually projects a very wholesome image. Hence, when she suffers from a wardrobe malfunction and people get a glimpse of her covered body, it becomes a big deal.

Unlike other artists, Taylor is usually careful with her choices of clothes in events and on stage performances. She tried to avoid having wardrobe issues as much as possible.

Despite wearing a super short cocktail dress, Taylor managed to look classy. She was also very mindful of her movements.

This was not a wardrobe malfunction, but more of a “Bitch, stole my look” moment. She wore the same outfit as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley during the American Music Awards.

Taylor Swift is rarely seen in super daring dresses. Hence, she is one of the least likely artists to suffer from wardrobe malfunction.

In recent years, she tried rocking sexier outfits, but they were generally more conservative than the other pop artists of her generation.