Echidna facts – Information for kids

Echidna may sometimes appear like a spiny anteater. Its name is always being pronounced as e-kid-nuh. This has the measurement of 30 to 45 cm. it may be as long like that. It may also be as heavy as 2 to 5 kg being the maximum. Upon first look, it may have the appearance of a porcupine, if you have ever seen one. There are times when it may also resemble that of a hedgehog. If you are going to closely inspection it though, you will discover that the animal also comes with its common traits. These are just among the Echidna facts that you have to learn. There are still more.

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What are echidnas?

Echidnas have this ability to lay eggs. They are the same with mammals indeed because they just monotremes in nature. As for their body, this may have a low body temperature as compared to other mammals. This is effective in keeping its temperature. This may range from around 31 to even 32 being the maximum. Since they are somehow like that of reptiles, the legs may also be protruding outwards or even downwards if they would prefer to. This is the reason why it has this waddling effect on it. This is observed whenever they walk.

There are two kinds of fur which are responsible in covering their body. There is this coat, this is a coarse hair that would somehow insulate from the cold. The longer hairs on the other hand would always act as that of spines. This is why they have the ability to protect themselves just in case predators finally decide to attack.  The spines are not how they look like though. They can be sharp. They are just creamy colored but they can do so much better. They may even reach up until 50 mm. This is 2 inches if converted. The mentioned is made up of keratin. This is the synonymous material which is seen in the fingernails of humans.

What do they eat anyway? They can consume termites, grubs, ants, worms and even that of larvae. Apart from this, the echidna is really well-adapted when it comes to the hunting of their prey. This is undertaken with the presence of its pointy snout. This has the chance to snout and it has this keen way of knowing if a prey is visible around the area or not. This is most probably the reason why they do not find it hard to catch predators whenever there is a need to do so. The detection of prey may also be quite easy for them. With the utilization of their sharp and long claws, digging to the soil is a piece of cake to have invertebrates exposed. They will most likely finish their deed by licking. They do this with their sticky tongue. It may be surprising to know that echidnas do not have their own teeth. They do not own any. However, they come with their horny pads to compensate that. This is why they can grind the prey with ease.