The Brazosport Facts – How it started?

Considered as the largest newspaper in Brazoria County, Texas, the Brazosport Facts definitely play in important role in the everyday life of people from Brazoria. This is true most especially from those residing near the Greater Houston area. The said publication started from the year 1913. It was then owned and managed by the Southern Newspapers Inc. Up until now, it is still being patronized from the people of the place for the simple reason that it is the reflection of their society. This daily newspaper is being read in broadsheet format. Bill Cornwell served as both the publisher and the editor. The managing editor is Yvonne Mintz.

Where it all started

The newspaper’s first trace of existence trailed back to the initiation of Roy Ruffin who was a printer that time. It was originally referred to as the Freeport Facts months. This was undertaken right after that founding of Freeport, Texas in 1912. This was handled by Freeport Sulphur Company during those times. After a year, C.P Kendall decided for the paper to be acquired. He was also responsible in owning the newspapers located in Angleton Times which was situated in the Port Aransas. This was also Angleton.

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The facts were then destroyed because of a Freeport hurricane which took place in the year 1932. This was even responsible in killing 40 people right then and there. After that, newspapers for separate area were established. These were the Velasco World, the Brazoria County Review and as well as the West Columbia Light. These were all acquired, even if separated, by a businessman in the name of W.D Johnston. In the year 1949 though, the combination of the said papers was done and it resulted to the Daily Review. This was another which gained popularity as well.

The Daily Review took the interest of the Southern Newspapers Inc. In the year 1951, it was bought by the Southern Newspapers Inc. A year after that, Freeport facts was also purchased. The acquisitions and owning were then merged into one. This resulted to the so called the Daily Facts-Review. But then, after that, the Southern Newspapers had to change the name. They were then able to derive the name the Brazosport Facts. After a while, it turned out to be the largest daily newspaper ever found in that area. This started it all.

As for the headquarters of the said newspapers, a couple of changes had been observed through the years. For instance, in the year 1976, it was moved to Clute, Texas coming from the Freeport itself. Today, it is still there. As a matter of fact, it was even able to absorb one newspaper – the Angleton Times. This happened way back 2004. The second office of it was opened in the same building as well.

Consolidation took place already. This held the Velasco town responsible. This started in 1957. Even the Brazosport College was supported by the same newspaper. The center of it was directed to the Arts and Sciences of the college.