What Is The Vegas Gambling Age?

Las Vegas is the United States’ gambling and entertainment capital.  It hosts more than 120 hotels and casinos like the Bellagio and Luxor that people from all over the world go to.  But before thinking of dropping by Vegas, there are a few things you should know.  One of them is the difference between legal age and the Vegas gambling age.

Vegas Gambling

You are officially considered an adult by the time you reach 18 years old.  By this time, most people expect that you move out of your parent’s house, get a job and pretty much do and decide everything on your own.  However there are things that you’re still off limits to even after you turn 18.  In Las Vegas, one of them is gambling.

Gambling Age in Vegas

The official Vegas gambling age is 21 years old.  All gambling patrons are required to present an official ID stating their age before claiming any winnings.  Any patron found to be under 21 years old will not only have their winnings forfeit before being thrown out of the casino, they could also end up being blacklisted, fined or even arrested.  That includes gambling minors who played even under a 21 year old guardian’s supervision.

The gambling age is a rule strictly followed in all casinos in Las Vegas.  In fact, casinos are so strict about this that guests under 21 years old are strongly discouraged from loitering or even passing by the casino areas, even if the minors are just babies in their strollers.  If the minors will really need to pass by the gambling area to reach the other establishments, casinos usually have a designated area for this purpose like an uncarpeted area or along the outer walls.

While the Entertainment Capital of the World is quite the place to be, the Vegas gambling age is a rule that is seriously observed there.  Again, the gambling age (and additionally, drinking age) for Las Vegas is 21 years old.  While there have been talks about decreasing that age mark to 18, until it becomes official, save yourselves and the casinos both time and grief by following this rule by the letter.